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Space-Themed Kids Study Shaped by Mood Lighting

Mood lighting can temporarily change your state of mind when used at its full potential and we’ve seen plenty of examples on how to create different effects with indoor lighting. Especially when you have a space theme to work with in creating a kids bedroom and study space, artificial lights can fashion an atmosphere closer to the fantasy realm you want to have.

Upscale minimalism is seen more and more in contemporary kids bedroom and study design. This room we’re about to explore will take us on a journey of shapes, colors, textures and light that makes a strong visual impact on the child’s daily life.

Designed by VAE design & architecture, this space-themed kids room uses both natural and artificial light to create different moods during the day and evening. You can see more on Using Lights To Color Grade Your Home Office Studio here.

The space theme created with lights and symbols, colors and textures, feels like a promise that there is no limit to the things we can achieve. With a study space nestled between two floor-to-ceiling closets, the kid enjoying this space can study or play right under the light astronaut and always remember that we can look up to people who try to make us a space-exploring species like Elon Musk.

Rounded shapes create a more organic atmosphere and soften all sharp design edges. Reminiscent of rounded celestial bodies, the bespoke furniture used to create a minimalist look showcases rounded additions that bring everything together – from the roundness of the astronaut lights on the wall to the rounded shapes displayed on the storage space doors and even little rounded closet knobs.

Simplicity is always welcomed when it comes to kids room designs, since it’s not always easy to keep this area of the house uncluttered. Even if this space-themed design differs from this Child Study Space in Brightly Illuminated Bedroom – designed by VAE design & architecture for a professional cyclist – the same idea of minimalist design built with the client’s preference in mind still applies.

Soft grey and white, alongside blue and red make a stellar combination that hints to the main theme of this kids room and study space. If you would like to mirror this kind of a stellar theme in your adult home office, here is some inspiration to help you choose design details: Lunar Grey Home Office Flashing Moon Mural.

Using mood lighting to define some elements of both the study space and the bed can be that extra step designers take to create depth of space and illuminate design elements that tell a story.

The two sides of this kids bedroom seems to split the lifestyle in two. The part with the study desk and closet space contrasts the other side meant for sleeping and relaxing. Colors are softer on the side with the desk and chair, while the sleeping side boasts bolder colors. A space shuttle with an astronaut on top salutes the starry wallpaper. There’s a yellow rounded storage space that looks like the sun floating around blue space. Everything in this child bedroom speaks volumes without being overwhelming.

Here are a few more ideas from the same architcture and design studio, Vae:

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