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Child Study Space in Brightly Illuminated Bedroom

There seems to be a a bond between raw wood and natural light that some interior designers manage to expose so well and create a feeling of freedom. Today’s child bedroom and study space design will guide us through a room that flourishes under the majestic touch of natural light.

This offers its inhabitants the opportunity of never missing a day of vitamin D and unlocks access to a happier, more relaxed lifestyle. We all know how important sunlight is for our mood and overall happiness.

Designed by VAE design & architecture, this child bedroom is part of a house built for a professional cyclist. His children have three rooms to share, so we’re going to be exploring one of them today.

Beyond the sunlight reaching deep inside, this child bedroom showcases wood carved especially for its function. Bespoke furniture mirror the color of the wooden beams, creating an inviting color palette for such an important space.

The future of children depends on their ability to shape a self-discipline and a well-designed sleep and study space can help them focus better and enjoy the miracle of a clutter-free kids room.

Designers really know how to use the space and create storing solutions fit for each person. A place for everything and everything in its place must be a motto edsigners adopted, because the whole wall ending with a study desk is dressed in oak wood and used as storage space.

Nestled in a corner of the bedroom, the study space is composed of a white desk, two oak wood shelves on top, a blue swivel chair that calls to cosy study-time and a shelving unitbuilt inside the oak storage occupying the whole wall.

Plenty of light fills the study space between the two windows. Yellow and green pillows, blue desk chair and a grey on top of wooden floors – words cannot express the feeling this space gives. A window seat right next to this corner study space makes breaks more enjoyable, since the outdoors has a luscious green appeal.

This child study space might be in a brightly illuminated bedroom, and this feature of the space – the plethora of natural light – makes it possible for the other side of the room to be dressed in a darker color palette.

LED strip lights make even the dark grey storage space above the bed seem modern rather than dark, especially since underneath, another recessed row of sheles matches the white shelving on the study space side of the room. Some art prints were placed on the wall, to bring in even more color, while toys are left to explore a monochromatic color palette.

Orbs hang as lamps over the bright space, and once we look up, we see that this whoole child bedroom sits under slanted ceilings. Right under the highest part of the ceiling, a bespoke bedframe made from oak wood supports the child’s need for rest and relaxation.

We can se more and more how important these details are for creating an inviting room for the child to grow up in.

Another important thing was to blend this kids room with the rest of the house and also the other kids rooms you can see here.

“Oak wood adds a cozy feel, while large windows and open spaces fill every room with light. Curtains and blinds are used to a minimum, as the house offers a magnificent panoramic view of the wild forest,” designers reveal.

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