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Kids Study and Sleep Space Parading Illuminated Raw Wood

When planning your kids bedroom and study space, color and texture suddenly become so much more important in your family life for a short while. Leaving it to designers to dotheir job from idea to execution is one thing, but choosing materials and colors you would have to live surrounded by becomes a challenge. And it becomes challenging not because it’s hard, but because there are so many enticing ideas to choose from!

Today were exploring a visualization proposed for a kids bedroom and study space. Look at all the wooden details, these can be seen throguhout the rest of the house, too. Imagine checking up on your children who enjoy a space like this one: bright, wrapped in raw wood and heavenly illuminated.

This kids bedroom with study spaces is part of the same home as this Raw Wood Home Office Sporting Modern Fireplace. So not only kids enjoy the warm wood interiors while they study, parents also have their own worksapce within the home. Both designed by Archiplastica Architectural Studio, these spaces have in common the same love for illuminated wood.

The whole house has this earthy, nature-inspired aesthetic and the kids bedroom and study space follow the same lead. Imagined for two kids that share the same bed, this double kids room has a simple design that can be built upon as the kids grow up. If you take out all the toys and child decorations, you’re left with a soothing, warm-wooded bedroom interior design.

In order for both kids to have room to study and play at their computers, two kids desks were installed in this bright space.

Both desks are made of wood, one of them floats in a coner of the room, under the slanted wooden beams, while the other is tucked under one of the beams.

Both desks have a decorated view – the floating desk in the corner of the room looks out to a wall with wooden house-shaped shelves. The other desk looks like the first one, but with improvements that support it and make it stick out in the middle of the room. This is because the library it faces is a stunning 3d construction shelving books and decor with an imposing appeal.

Wood support beams are almost the same color as most of the bespoke furniture, making the space all nice and coxy. Even if the walls were left white, the whole interior design gives off the impression of being in a cabin in the woods. And yes, this cabin would be a modern interpretation of using this natural resource we’ve tamed – wood – as is this inviting kids bedroom and study.

The wall behind the bed was decorated with round pieces of wood, some of them illuminated with LED lights. This creates depth and visual interest while continuing the story of warm wood accompanying kids while studying and lulling them to bed at night. Other floor lamps and lighting fixtures help further define this inviting atmosphere.

Large gray curtains help decide how much natural light comes inside this kids bedroom. A combination of grey materials, wood and metal, interrupted by bold dark red and black create this kids bedroom color palette.

Using these colors in a kids bedroom creates that feeling you have now, after you’ve seen the photos. Still there are other colors and textures to enjoy as inspiration right here:

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