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Brick Sofa Design Redefines Temporary WFH Setup

How many times were you in the mood to watch a movie, but still have work to finish and you try to do both? Sitting on your sofa with your laptop in your … well, lap, and trying to find a comfortable position so that you don’t have to feel pain is not a good way to go through your workday.

But what is the furniture you have in your house was already designed with solutions to your modern lifestyle in mind? What if your sofa is a cosy place in the living room, but it only takes one arm movement for you to be sitting in the same comfortable place while working away on your tasks.

A great investment for a contemporary home where you can easily blend personal and professional lifestyles, a simple sofa can have you swiching from coffee to work to conversation in a fraction of a second.

The Brick Sofa by João Teixeira is a modernly designed sofa that encompasses solutions to our modern needs. With a swivelling arm conveniently extending your options, this modern sofa also features a set of crisp design lines that make it earn its name: Brick Sofa.

The well-known Portuguese designer João Teixeira imagined this two-seat sofa as an elegant way of living in the same space you’re working from or the other way around. An almost invisible mix of life and work can be expressed in the shape of a furniture like this brick-resembling loveseat. An armrest in between the two seats make it more of a workseat than a loveseat and I can definitely see myself casually checking my emails on the elegant sofa.

The armrest attached to the center of the sofa supports a swivel mini table that invites you to place your tech and start typying away. Not only modern and beautiful, this sofa is also practical and functional and it also comes with two matching armchairs, so that your whole living area can look sopshisticated while being functional.

Before you consider building yourself a home office area, whether it’s a corner of the bedroom, a garden pod or a full-fledget home office room, the Brick Sofa presents soft colors to go with your morning coffee.

Resting on a wooden base, the geometric design of the sofa encourages you to sit up right to mirror the elegance of the design. It’s rather convenient to enjoy your coffee while slowly staring the day in the living room. Maybe later you’ll move on to the home office room and here are a few to inspire your future choices: this Wooden Home Office Room Showcased Behind Glass or this Modern Cottage Home Office Room in Muted Colors.

The Brick Sofa’s design redefines what a temporary WFH setup can look like and also invites to finding new ways of adapting to this new reality. Some people have found freedom in working from home or their garden pod or even a remote location with a caravan vehicle, others miss social interactions more than anything a workplace brings. We’re all different, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be adapting to changes and capitalize on the oportunities.

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