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5 Convertible Work Furniture Pieces That Save You Space

Convertible work furniture pieces are must haves in these pandemic times. They save you space and hide the workspace at the end of the day, leaving you relaxed. There’s nothing to remind you of work in sight. Or they can be transformed into completely different furniture pieces and even taken into another room to serve a different function.

Working from home for years, I can tell you the difference between having a space exclusively dedicated to work and having a foldable desk that I carry around the house. There are pluses and minuses to both scenarios. That’s why now I have both.

I love the feeling of freedom associated with a small foldable desk, just pick it up and give yourself a different background. I also love the organization and elbow room found in a space that was intended especially for working and where all the files and trinkets can elegantly fit.

Fine Dining to Fine Working

There are numerous scenarios we can use now that we spend more time at home. Sometimes, we only have room for a dining table and have to work from the tabletop, but other times we sumble upon solutions. Some are in the shape of this convertible Celerina Table designed by Damien Regamey for Reinhard AG Sachseln:

Convertible Solid Oak Dining/Work Celerina Table

3-in-1 Stackable chair, desk and table

Space-saving can easily be your most important feature when looking for ways of fitting a workspace into an already cluttered space. But trust me, there is no home small enough to not be able to fit this multifunctional piece of home office furniture. Designed by Anshul Kumar and Gargi Wadnap, this stackable chair easily transforms into a desk and table. See more here:

Space-saving multifunctional chair, desk and table

Fold and roll standing work desk

This temporary workdesk conveniently named TEMP was designed by Gerhardt Kellermann for Gumpo. You can roll it down to the kitchen and work while dinner is cooking. The fold it and roll it out in the garden to get a tan while going through your work tasks. More than a fluid workspace, the TEMP desk unveils its features here:

Temporary Foldable and Rollable TEMP Desk

Minimalist office cube for home

Convertible work furniture comes in all shapes and sizes. Take as exmple this foldable workspace that turns into a cube. You put all work-related items inside and act like it’s a minimalist furniture piece after work hours. This is a fantastic way to mentally detach yourself from work and focus on your personal life. Take a closer look here:

Close your workspace and relax: HO Office Cube

Desk to shelf with a swipe of the hand

This last piece of foldable furniture was designed by Kaschkasch for Living Divani. The foldable piece turns from a small working desk into a magazine rack while hanging from your wall. Is your mind already searching in your memory the wall you would place it on? Because you can find out more about it here:

Foldable desk morphs into magazine rack

There are even more inspiring ways of building your perfect home office, maybe integrating it into the design of the home, like in these examples:

Tribal chic home office space in small apartment

Colorful Geometric Illusion Shapes Home Workspace

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