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Modern Cottage Home Office Room in Muted Colors

Having a cottage in the middle of nature is now more than a dream come true. During the pandemic, a remote place to live in and work from is a blessing and this project we’re exploring today is nothing short of amazing.

There is plenty of space inside this one room dedicated to working from home. A library spans an entire wall, there’s a sofa nestled in nook for relaxation and you could even have enough room to do a few streches and exercises in the remaining space, so that your health stays as fresh as this home office design.

Created by Rindes Design Studio, this modern cottage home office room hints to how the rest of the cottage also looks like. Combining warm wooden insertions with fresh white walls and a deep black hue, Rindes Studio managed to build up a contemporary workspace.

Designers explain how they came about to creating such a simple yet effective home office design: “At the request of the customer, we preserved the natural wood finish as much as possible, giving the timber a noble tone. Also in the interior there are black, gray and white tones. It turned out to be a very effective combination.”

A large window covered with horizontal blinds ensures the home office space gets enough natural light during the day. It also opens visual access to the forest beyond the glass, creating both a connection with nature and protection from its unexpected mood swings.

Clad in wood, this wall interrupted by the window was matched with the color of the framed library. Even this bespoke shelving unit displays black insertions that make the whole space come together in a soothing, calming manner.

The imposing black desk is accompanied by a light brown-colored chair placed as to oppose the entry door, so that the owner can instantly see anyone who comes in and offer them a seat on the grey sofa cuddled in a nook.

Everything is arranged on the tabletop, so that working from behind the computer screen feels organized and uncluttered.

A different perspective on the relaxation corner zooms us into the feeling of almost reaching out to the shelf for the book you were reading last night and continue reading.

Under the focused light of a golden wall lamp, after a full day’s work, you can relax and subconsciously register yet again the sign on the wall that reads: ” Do more of what makes you happy”. And you realize that reading makes you happy and infuse yourself more and more in the story behind the book’s covers.

Using geometric lines to create depth and interest in this relaxation nook also brings playfullness to the use of the color grey. During breaks, those fluffy modern pillows come in handy to rest on for a while before you get back to work. And working in this home office is as elegant as it gets for a modern cottage in the woods.

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