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Aquarium-Like Light-Flooded Home Office

Working from home has become so normal, that we naturally search for solutions to fit a workspace in our personal space.

An office space filled with natural light and open to the living space can look in many ways. But add daylight, greenery, a visually open plan and the promise of privacy and you have a very inspiring space – let’s explore it together.

The example from the designers at The November with photos by Hey!Cheese Photography showcases a genious way of using an interior space to create a workroom.

Looking like an aquarium, this home office feels like a fantastic place to work. Beautiful details shape into a dualistic privacy-inclusion dance. Sliding glass doors and windows keep the workspace fluid, allowing owners to slide between privacy and openness.

There is plenty of storage space both inside the aquarium home office and on the outside. A library occupies the whole interior wall, while another library lines the exterior wall. The glass partition wall slides to become a library showcase.

There would have been daylight inside this workspace even without the glass partitions, but the visual fluidity of the space would have turned this aquarium home office into a closed off space.

Glass partitions help flood the space with daylight and with curious eyes if needed. Children can play in sight as the adult working in the home office caan see them in the living room. Without having to worry much about privacy, the owner can get a lot of work done while still being visually connected to the rest of the living space.

Even in a small apartment, a dedicated office space is very important. Finding solutions for the whole family is as important as finding individual solutions. This workspace is a perfect blend of coziness and proffesionalism.

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