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Icy Branch-Inspired Transparent Pen Design

Remember the days when, if you didn’t have a pen handy, you’d have to use your memory instead of writing things down? Was that all pens were used for?

There were times when an elegant pen would make a fantastic present for a writer, a journalist or any professional who writes daily. But in this digital era, how much is a pen worth?

The pen’s worth lies not only in its functionality, but also in materials used to make it and the design with which the pen enthralls you. A plastic pen is just an instrument, but how about a designer pen with a beautiful concept behind it?

We all know by now that the connection formed between the body and the brain when you manually write things down is a special one that can’t be replaced by typing.

This transparent pen design by Geonwoo Kim is named the IceN Pen. It looks awe-inspiring and holds a story behind its interesting aesthetics.

Nature is the best designer and the most efficient engineer. Inspired by the way nature freezes tree branches into almost fantasy-like creations, the icycle pen was designed to immitate an ice-covered branch. This is how the designer came up with an elegant modern stationery design that strives to give transparency a new functional meaning.

The designer says that: “I wanted to show that there is still a beauty inside the empty transparent pen. It is a concept design but if it is actually manufactured, it will be made of resins and ink. By taking photo of branches around the street, I could research and analyze the look of this design.”

Streamlining creativity with the help of design is one of the main functions of this pen. The designer was wondering how close can something man-made come to something nature created, so he took pictures of branches and wanted to give the transparent pen the possibility of inspiring awe to its owner.

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