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Modern Home Office Library With Great WFH Lighting

Modern home office with a library – a dream for some, a reality for others. When you dream about working surrounded by books, it’s time to seriously consider building yourself a home ofice library.

Here is a stunning modern home office room and home library that serves as example for a well-designed contemporary workspace.

Designating a separate room in the house to become the home office is only the first decision. Imagining how it will look and feel like is a journey in itself.

Custom Library Wall in Elegant Home Office

When you choose to work with an interior designer, custom furniture makes it possible to explore even more. This particolar example of a home ofice with a library makes use of design to hide the work as best as possible. You can clearly tell it’s a home office space, and yet it looks so organized, poised and elegant!

Home office library furniture can be made to fit your current space. Custom furniture for your home workspace makes it easy to translate an idea into a given space.

Rounded corners make the library swirl around the space, while glass partitions keep in privacy but creates visual connection. Round desk legs and rounded corners on the shelves keep with this organic inspiration, while the second chair of the room presents the same rounded features.

Wood was used to construct an even deeper bond with nature – through materials and colors, this time. Having an edge of hidden storage space painted white helps maintain a high level of natural light bouncing off the surfaces.

During the day, this glazed home office benefits from plenty of natural light coming through both the window and the glass wall separating it from the living room.

Seva Levitsky

At night, a strip of LED lights illuminates the bottom part of the home office more to create a mood.In the middle of the room, a minimalist light creates more than enough illumination for long nights spent working, while also offering an unedited view of this inspiring home office design.

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Outside the home office, colors are brighter. An orange sofa almost hides the workspace behind it with its demanding color pop. Above, a large modern chandelier also grabs your attention and beautifully mirrors itself in the glass partition, extending the charm shared between these two rooms.

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Plants behind and around the sofa make it easier to focus your attention to the living room and even forget if there’s someone working in the home office behind the glass. This play of geometry – rounded versus stright line can be seen spilling from the workspace into the undulating shape of the sofa and the rounded edges of the coffee table.

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