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12 Home Office Library Ideas: How to Love Reading

Home office library ideas that will inspire your own – you only need one great idea to transform your own home office space into a stunning home library, no matter how small.

These library setups will incite you to take out some time in the day just for reading. Home libraries make the deepest impact when you want to enjoy going through physical books. There’s something about the smell of a book, the way the cover compliments the library shelves, that just makes you enjoy this three dimensional real world experience.

Chances are, you’re reading this on your phone. How many books do you have in your home? If you have plenty to shape a whole library (even if it’s a small one), then it’s time to bask in these examples’ wisdom. The first photo is just a part of this Modern Home Office Library With Great WFH Lighting.

Seva Levitsky Designed by Artem Trigubchak

Work Office Library in Luxury Apartment

The Ibirapuera Apartment is a three-floor home spreading over 900 square metres in São Paulo, Brazil. Architects Mariana Andersen and Mariana Guardani imagined the big home office as a play of different libraries with a large black desk in the middle. See the whole luxury home office here.

Designed by Casa14 Arquitetura

Custom Dark Shelves With Embedded Home Office

A custom work office library can be built in the living room. The example below showcases how to avoid wasting space in the home and transform a corner of the living area into a library with an embedded home office. If it weren’t for the office chair and small dark rug underneath, we wouldn’t even notice there was room for a home workspace there. Dark shelves run across the walls in a succesful effort to create room for all those stories waiting to be read.

Visualized by One Work Design

Double Home Office with Modern Library Addition

Home office library ideas can set you on a discovery journey – once you find the perfect one for you, you can have it customized to your own work lifestyle. The example below is suited for two people and flaunts a beautifully integrated library. An L-shaped desk, two office chairs and a wooden library with metal reinforcement was the perfect choice for the owners of this workspace.

More ideas: 10 L-Shaped Workspaces for Extra Working Room

Visualized by Studio J.TW

Modern Library Tucked Under a Slanted Ceiling

A slanted ceiling might be the only place you can tuck in a library and even then, you can make it stylish. This example below proves that an unused mezzanine level can become your favorite part of the home to work from. Plenty of natural light coming from a huge window ensures the home office desk is well lit and encourages you to work and study, since all your books are close by.

Designed by Diff Studio

Reading Love Starts Small in Mezzanine Home Office

How to love reading – start with a few books you’re truly interested in and make a habit out of reading at least 10 pages per day. The mezzanine home workspace below showcases how a modern home can have a private home office that is also connected to the rest of the house. Adding more and more interest to your reading list will have you adding more and more books on the shelves too.

Visualized by Marra Group

Hiding Your Home Office in The Library

Up next, this minimalist library includes a drop-down workspace that can be easily closed up to hide the home office. Adding or removing the chair is what makes or breaks this home office space. Using a warm color to shape a minimalist home office can be the detail that takes simplicity from boring to inspiring.

Visualized by Oleg Trofimov

Shelves, shelves, shelves

Next we have an example of a home office room that reduced the library to three shelves full of books. Using a bright color palette in white and flooding it with natural light keeps the mood up during working hours. Adding modern geometric shapes to create a contrasting decor makes the home office space more inviting. The vertical garden right outside the floor-to-ceiling windows helps relax the owner’s eyes and mind everytime they look away from the desk. Simplicity can be elegant with good planning.

Visualized by Valentin Turuianu

Library Home Office Colage in Dark Colors

Here is a home office that combines dark and light shades in an inviting, elegant and modern space. There is not one, but two libraries in this room. One library is open and large, occupying an entire wall, the other one is a wooden cube with cut-outs for storing books. Both libraries have the same function, but they look different and that makes the entire space come together.

Visualized by Azovskiy Pahomova Architects

Bright and Cheery Living Room Wall with Integrated Workspace

Then we have the opposite effect, a bright and elegant full scale living room display cabinet that also serves as a home office. Decor, books, framed photos, vases, they all have a special place on the shelves, while the bottom central shelf was custom built to integrate a home office desk.

Visualized by Vizline Studio

Sophisticated Bedroom Design with Built-In Home Office

Dark and decadent, a black library in a loft bedroom can create a sophisticated mood. Reading in bed is one of the most pleasurable things for anyone who loves to read. At the head of the bed, a custom part of the library was built to house a small workspace. Huge windows flood the loft with natural light, while functions blend and intertwine in an inspiring nook of this home.

Visualized by Andew Sadokha

Minimalist Home Office in Bedroom with Bespoke Book Shelf

We continue with an example from another bedroom, this time a bespoke book shelf that spans the entire lenght and width of this stunning modern bedroom. Brown and grey make the space look sobre, while the orange decorative boxes built in the library wall add depth and visual interest, avoiding the repetition of geometric shelves. Under the library, a fireplace gives off an elegant vibe, while the home workspace is only visible thanks to the thin white chair.

Architecture by Shamsudin Kerimov

There are more ideas that can help you decide what type of home office library you can and should build to suit your space, your own preferences and needs. Check out these ideas:

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