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All-in-One Ergonomic Wooden Standing Desk

Do you like working while standing up? Or you just do it because you know it’s good to alternate between sitting and standing while working?

You might think that liking what you do is not important since the intellectual decision that you have to do it has been made. But what if there were two reasons to enjoy standing while working away at your computer?

The first reason is that doing what you have to do and liking what you have to do is a matter of training yourself. Yes, it is possible to train yourself to like what you do by leveraging your dopamine system that handles cravings, action and movement.

The second reason to love standing while you work is the functional and aaesthetic design of something like the Standsome Ergonomic Wooden Standing Desk.

We know how beneficial it is for our bodies to move throughout the work day even if our primary tasks are resolved on the computer. Ergonomy and health for home office work has become more important than even in the times we’ve been facing during the pandemic. And since many of us work from home, a little helper that you can bring with you to work remotely will make all the difference in your newly found work style. And you will love it.

While an ingenious way of looking at our motivation from a biological standpoint will give us tools to make adjustments in our own life, implementing the actual changes comes down to decisions.

So let’s see how our motivation is influenced by our choice to like what we do in this fascinating video by doctor Andrew Huberman:

And since we have a choice to like what we do, some items you have in your home can encourage you to maintain a habitual balance of ergonomics for an optimized workflow.

Some of us know the pains we face when getting up from the chair after focusing for many hours and forgeting to dis-engage and move around for a bit. This can be prevented by choosing the right gear for your personal home office work flow. This comes after you’ve observed what exactly you need in order to implement what you have to do, but also enjoy it and take care of your health at the same time.

This ergonomic standing workstation provides you with that switch in how you work physically. While during breaks you can use something like the Stoic Standing Mat, during working hours your body still needs to move.

The Standsome Ergonomic Wooden Standing Desk has a customizable profile that makes it perfect for people of any height. You can work standing up, standing at your desk or even while sitting on the floor.

Beyond the functions and aesthetic, the quality of materials makes your choice easier when it comes to prioritising a multifunctional sit-to-stand workstation.

This height-adjustable stable laptop stand was made in Germany from FSC-certified birch wood and for each unit sold, a tree is planted in the Philippine rainforest. Plus it’s shipped in plastic-free material – so one more reason to choose your work helpers based on your values.

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