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Kids Study and Sleep Quarters Enjoyed by Future Sailor

Imagine sailing into the future from this kids bedroom while you are a child – this is the feeling the kid dreaming here have every day.

And this is all thanks to a design that empowers their imagination and gamifies life. Your kids could be captains of their own ship while studying and you can create a self-disciplined future for them.

Visualized by Helena Samarin, the nautical room decor employed in this kids bedroom has the power to fire up the imagination of any child.

Maybe because this space was fully immersed in this sailing theme,  the study desk seems to have been made for this environment.

Even the crisp white chair is reminiscent of a warm summer day when when you get to sit in the sun and watch over the waves.

A stylized map of the world mural was painted on a blue sky, I mean wall. The crows nest corner shelf is the biggest piece of decor without function and we can also see a bright red lifebelt and set of knots framed on the wall.

Hanging over the boat bed, a rope ladder decoration completes this adventurous interior design.

Opposing the boat bed, an entire wall was dedicated to storage on the bottom half. Beautifully displaying white and marine blue in a simple nautical design, the bespoke storage acts as a play area from which the kid and friends can play captain.

The storage space was transformed into more than its function – it becomes the place where you look beyond this reality into the oceanscapes beyond.

Almost white, the herringbone floor was probably chosen to represent waves and so the design is complete from ceiling to floor.

Look around at all the details – even the window covering was inspired by a sail.

There are so many ideas that can be implemented in a kids room shared by two, here a our favorite:

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