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Views Balcony Bar and Outdoor Home Workspace

Outdoor home workspaces are mostly a dream when you live in a small apartment or condo. There’s no garden to enjoy your work from, but there is another opportunity that you can take advantage of if you have a balcony.

The Views Balcony Bar has more than one function. Although you might as well use it as a bar, a breakfast buffet, a home office for outdoors, this simple and modern balcony addition extends the use of your balcony.

Designed to fit small apartment balconies and described as “thoughtfully designed functional outdoor furniture and accessory for your small apartment or condo”, the balcony bar and home workspace comes in three colors: chocolate brown, acacia teak and charcoal.

Imagine waking up and sipping on your coffee in the morning, with views of your surroundings right beyond the balcony bar, then start working from home at the same balcony bar, overlooking your city and enjoying the sounds of the streets while doing what it takes to make it in your chosen business field.

We’ve seen all kinds of solutions for working from home and this is a simple and effective way of taking in the city views without getting distracted. Fresh air and soft breezes are welcomed whenever you want to work outside.

Once you’ve finished work, a date with views or a gathering among friends can easily transform the Views Balcony Bar into the central spot for food and drinks right outside your apartment, hovering above the city.

At night, a few string lights can decorate this furniture piece you would come to love so much. Imagine having a drink out on the balcony, just you and someone very special – under the moonlight and taking in the night time city views – that’s how you end a great day, with a great night!

Measuring 46.5″ or less for the 4 ft Bar and 58.5″ or less for the 5 ft Bar version, the Views Balcony Bar comes with an adjustable bracket set and bartop table. You only need two vertical posts or a wall for the brackets to lean against.

With an adjustable feature that makes the steel brackets adjust in width and secure to both round and flat railings, the Views Balcony Bar is easy to set up. You just have to follow the instructions and attach the wood bar top to the brackets and then securely fasten it to your balcony railing.

The foldable bar top maximizes your outdoor space and can be used as storage, too. It’s best to enjoy the full range of possibilities and this versatile modern bar for outdoors will be with you for a long time.

Made out of durable materials – powder-coated stainless steel brackets that prevent it from rusting and real Acacia wood – the foldable balcony home office and bar will surely become one of your favorite things you own.

The acacia wood is also “weather-protected with a premium semi-transparent hybrid wood protector from Rubio Monocoat. Acacia is one of the best naturally durable woods, perfect for the outdoors”, as designers assure us.

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