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Contemporary Kids Bedroom & Study in Grey with Earthy Accents

Contemporary kids bedrooms often have a study space that matches the overall mood, without drawing attention from the sleeping area where the child dreams.

Designed by Diff Studio for a home in Paris, France, this stunning kids bedroom is one of three bedrooms imagined for the three kids of the family. One of the other bedrooms can be seen here and there are a few similarities that we can see in all three bedrooms.

This also helps create a visual connection between all three children’s rooms and we will be going deeper into those similarities.

This elegant kids bedroom in soft grey and beige builds on a fantasy dreamscape including a giraffe painting. The giraffe art leaned against the wall, right behind the teen desk keeps both a visual interest and love for the wild in the child’s mind.

With an oveall light grey color palette, this beautiful study space is also well lit. We know how important light is to create an atmosphere that helps the kid grow into an adult to be proud of. Keeping it fun with a character lamp adds depth to the space and gives the opportunity to create a connection between childhood and teenage years.

When the basic design is built to expand through time, details can change the space to suit each age your child is going through.

Two globular lights on a pendant coming down from the ceiling compliment the geometric shape of the two air ballons floating over the bed. This is of of the similarities to the other two bedrooms – floating decor above the kids beds.

On the other side of the room from the study space, a bed inundated with natural light sits with a chocolate pouf at its feet. Right next to it, an L-shaped storage unit is split between a shelving part and a closet part. This is another similarity between two of the three Parisian kids bedrooms.

The two enchanting air baloons floating over the bed were chosen in the same soft colors, matching the rest of the color palette. This children’s bedroom has the same kind of illuminating decoration – a unicorn with lights, as the youngest child’s bedroom built on the same floor in this stunning French apartment.

The carefully chosen rugs used in the three children’s bedrooms tell a story and is yet another similarity. This child’s bedroom has an area rug in earthy colors and a soft fluffy one, making the connection with the youngest’s kid bedroom that has two fluffy rugs, and to the oldest’s bedroom that flunts a large fluffy rug.

These details mirror the connection siblings have and their different personalities and ages. Interior design does more than make the spaces look pretty.

Keeping a soft color palette, similar decor objects and themes, yet playing with the color schemes in each of the three bedrooms, designers managed to create both unity and sepparation so that all three children of the family feel at home.

All three have study spaces to match their bedrooms and grow up happy. Here are more ideas to guide your seaarch for the perfect kids bedroom design:

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