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Modern Kids Bedroom/Study in Soft Pink and Grey

Modern kids bedrooms have an allure that can easily mold your children’s characters’ into strong, self-disciplined adults. Beyond the functional aspects, kids interior design – when done right – can encourage children to appreciate the fine things in life.

Quality materials, functionality, carefully chosen colors, textures, and patterns, all mixed in with their prefered characters and colors make for great kids bedrooms.

This space is one of three kids bedrooms designed by Diff Studio for a contemporary home in Paris. Flooded with natural light coming from a huge three pane window with dark frames, the whole modern kids bedroom makes a powerful impression as soon as you walk in. Here is the middle child’s bedroom, so you can compare them.

Flaunting a large bed and a study space at the bed’s feet, the bedroom was designed to contain all necessities a child could ever need. The big soft bed draws you in as if prepared to offer the best sleep available. On one side of the bed, a large floor lamp ensures plenty of light if the child wants to look through a book before falling asleep.

Notice there is no TV in this modern kids bedroom. The only technological addition is the computer monitor on the desk. With a flowery background and a cute little rounded window on one side, this part of the bedroom makes sure the kid can focus on homework or even play without interruption.

The serene environment is made not only from contemporary furniture, but also soft colors – light grey and washed-out pink.

With a white desk and a soft pink chair with white support, this corner of the room bases its sophistication on simplicity. Flowers seen in the wallpaper are mirrored, on the other side of the room, by three decorative paper flowers hanging from the ceiling.

Right next to the door, an L-shaped storage space was split between a glazed closet space and a grey set of shelves. Clothes in the same subdued colors as the rest of the bedroom can be seen as silhouettes behind glass closet doors.

The other side of the bed showcases only one nightstand in a brassy color to create contrast with the rest of the room. Right next to it, a grey and white doll house and a fluffy soft pink bean bag signal that this is the place dedicated to playtime.

Two fluffy white rugs – one in front of the bed and one where the play area is located – create contrast with the soft grey wooden floors. Right above the bed, where the flower wallpaper mirrors the one in the study space area, the same wallpaper flashes small lights that create a fairytale mood at night.

When the day is over, the studying and playing are done, falling asleep knowing that there’s a better tomorrow is like sliding into softness and hope.

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