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10 Blue Kids Rooms with Enticing Study Desks

Do you remember the space you used to study from? Because nowadays, technology sneaked through the window without knocking at our doors.

We are more and more impressed with how interior design influences our lives. And there is no kids desk without a laptop around – so how do we reduce screen time and improve creativity in our children?

One of the ways we can accomplish this is by using interior design as a tool for creating interactive experiences with the space our kids sleep and study in. We’ve seen these beautiful 10 Pink Kids Rooms with Inviting Study Spaces, and now it’s time to explore 10 blue bedrooms for kids who love this color.

Mountainscapes and soft blues

Our first blue bedroom comes from the creative mind of Ti Concept. Built for the family’s two boys, this spacious kids bedroom spreads a feeling of freedom. A mountain mural, some play sheep and even the rounded design lines on the window and wooden separator make this space look peaceful and inviting.

Deep blue for soothing study time

A deeper blue was used on this kids bedroom, one that can easily grow with the child since the design lines were kept to a minimum. Designed by Lera Brumina, this deep blue study desk uses the available space to spread under the window from one wall to the wall under the mezzanine. There is plenty of elbow space and no excuses in sight.

Transparency and soft hues of blue

Next we have a powder blue and teal kids bedroom with an inspiring way of adding a study desk within a space like this. Photographed by Sergey Savchenko, this part of a blue bedroom focuses on the study area – a glass desk is almost hard to see behind the soft blue bed. And the desk’s transparency makes surrounding white shelves and the white lamp seem to be floating. This is a unique way of using colors and transparency in a kids bedroom.

Keeping it simple

Next up, this kids bedroom by Egue & Seta plays with masculine colors to create an environment for a young boy. Having the desk right next to the window invites natural light on the tabletop and ensures comfort is present whenever the boy is studying. Can you believe that this kids bedroom is part of the same home where this glass terrarium home office is displayed?

Hues of blues and racing vibes

Imagined by Dezest Design this blue kids bedroom showcases a bespoke furniture design where the bed and desk are one connected piece. A framed blue race car decorates the wall, while two white lamps, one above the bed and the Scantling table lamp on the desk make the space come alive at night.

Under the moon

A deep blue bed with an unusual shape can make a minimalist kids bedroom look like bedroom goals. Designed by KUOO Architects, this stunning kids bedroom in white and black has a huge moon hanging over the bed, so that the owner can enjoy Earth’s natural satelite all the time. And there’s no wonder that we find Star Wars decor all around – this kid is reaching for the stars. See here and adult Lunar Grey Home Office Flashing Moon Mural.

Shared blue kids room

Our next blue kids bedroom is designed by Evgenia Belkina for two boys. Setup in a mirror image, these two study spaces bring the kids together and even encourages them to do homework together. Even if both boys have their own space, this can help them feel secure enough to help each other with homework.

Blue details shaping the future

Not all blue kids bedrooms are flooded with this color – some have blueshared with some cool green, like in the example below, designed by Bogdanova Bureau. With a huge window seat defining the corner window, this space speaks volumes about adventure, exploration and a bright future.

Combining hues of blues

Seen on Columbini Casa, this blue and white kids bedroom shows us yet another way of using the space to create a full fledged kids room, where sleep, play and study have their own place and time. An L-shaped desk in the corner is used to also construct an L-shaped set of shelves right above.

Blue and orange – winning combination

There are so many creative ways of using blue in a kids bedroom and this next and final one comes from Eke Interiors. A blue double bed solved the problem of sleep-overs and gave designers the opportunity to imagine a erticaal blue shelving system to serve as the headboard. And the desk fits perfectly under the window and is accompanied by a complementary orange chair.

Blue is a soothing color and a wonderful addition to kids bedrooms and study spaces. And yet we know there’s more out there – how about you continue your inspiration journey with these next ideas:

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