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5 Ways to Design a Minimalist Black and White Home Office

A minimalist black and white home office can be engaging when simple design rules are applied. When designed by professionals, a minimalist black and white home office – whether in a separate room, the living room or the bedroom – can complement your style.

Including a home office in a black and white design can look highly inspiring and the results achieved by designers can be motivating. In order to design a minimalist black and white home office, you must balance quite a few things.

Minimalism can be one of the starting points when designing a modern home office, since it’s easier to create an inviting space if you have less things to deal with while keeping a monochromatic theme. Here are 5 ways to design a minimalist black and white home office:

  1. Design a powerful black and white combo in the living room

Black walls are elegant and, provided you match them with something fantastic, black painted walls can look stunning. Pairing a black wall with white ones in the living room can look even more dramatic with abstract art in black and white defining a corner of the office. In the example below, a long and narrow custom cabinet spans the entire length of the black painted wall. Two black chairs sit next to each other, almost hidden in the black living room background.

Grey sofas and matching rug soften the crispness of black and white while also helping keep everything together visually. Bold and timeless, black walls can be used to create different moods – can you imagine how this space lights up at night?

Visualized by Inuti

2. Think about creating a striking yet minimalist design

Using black and white in the living room can hide a home office in plain sight if you keep the two non-colors – black and white – in stark contrast. The design example below showcases a perfectly white surrounding in which the big black sofa thrones with all its glory.

One wall was kept entirely white – the paint, the shelves, the home office, the storage, even the book covers are all white. Just a few trinkets here and there interrupt all the white. A transparent office chair can barely be seen in the picture.

Visualized by Monika Siwińska

3. Split the black and white horizontally

Having your home office in the bedroom can look amazing and custom black furniture can help you get there. Imagine a bedroom home office setup like the one in the example below – the low side of the room is mostly black, with a big white bed in the middle of the room.

Under the window, a black desk emerges from the bed’s headboard niche, while two bold pendant lights flank each side of the bed. A simple desk lamp can have you working on your laptop, journaling or pampering yourself in the mirror even at night, before enjoying fresh sheets in the bed.

4. Use unequal parts black and white

A white bedroom can have a black desk and chair for home office work and keeping it minimalist makes the whole room more elegant. A floating desk with a dark mirror above it can make this corner of the bedroom either a vanity space, a workspace or a writing desk.

Simplicity is the key when composing functional spaces. Anytime we overwhelm the space with too much furniture, we ourselves feel crowded – it’s better to keep it light in both complexity and colors.

Designed by Art Partner

5. Keep it simple with a black frame bookcase in a white home office

A black frame bookcase can keep your white home office room looking crisp. Within a white space, some greenery is always welcomed to balance out the black and white. Books make it more cheerful while also keeping knowledge at arm’s length.

Plenty of natural light makes for a great home office atmosphere, whole the two lights – one hanging in the middle of the room and a desk lamp – ensure artificial light accompanies the owner for work whether day or night.

Designed by Emil Dervish and Lera Brumina

A minimalist black and white home office can be soothing and relaxing. Here are a few more ideas to inspire your own home office setup:

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