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Double Study Space in Bicycle Themed Teen Bedroom

When a kids bedroom has a large study and work area, you have the opportunity of teaching the kids about self-discipline.

That helps you work from home with ease, knowing that your kids are safe and happy in their room, working on their homework, playing and enjoying their time even when the worlds is mostly closed up.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we all reconsidered different ways of working from home.

Now is that time when we realize how important our home and work from home environments are. And it’s also when we realise that working from home with kids is not an easy task.

This kids study space in the blue and yellow bedroom ensure the children have everything they need and then some. This also means that you and your kids can work out a schedule built on a a win-win situation.

Visualized by Kristina Bilynets, this colorful bedroom has a bicycle theme and makes use of soothing blue, bright yellow and deep red to create a cheerful, youthful kids bedroom interior.

The study space is a creative area occupying plenty of space so that the two brothers can share the desktop elbow room.

The double study space shared by the two brothers is in perfect balance with the rest of the space. A bicycle wheel supporting one side of the long desk mirrors the children’s passion for riding the bike.

A yellow bicycle is propped up as decor on the wall sepparating the two mirrored wardrobes. There is no space unoccupied by something, but that does not mean the overall design feels heavy, on contrary.

Knowing how to balance the colors, textures and patterns used in this kids bedroom, designers conceptualized a space where beds occupy as little space as possible.

Colorful oil barrels act as industrial storage space. Blue, yellow and red are seen throughout, creating a pretty intense environment.

Plenty of relaxation spaces ensure the kids can call guests over and they have plenty of room to sit – the sofa, a beanbag, the two desk chairs. Everything in this teen bedroom was intended to be not only energizing, but also functional.

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