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Double study spaces for kids in playful blue bedroom

There are many kids study area ideas out there and we’re constantly trying to find the most inspiring ones to get your imagination going.

This helps you aknowledge all the possibilities and chose the best option for your available space and your kids’ preferences.

These two study spaces were placed right near the window, having the back on each other, so that both kids can do their homework undisturbed.

Visualised by Oleg Tyrnov, this childrens bedroom was imagined as a space where all design elements come together in a highly functional way. Plenty of storage space that fills two walls from floor to ceiling gives kids and parents the possibility of keeping the space nice and clean.

This storage space also acts as a guide for placing the study spaces right near the window. On the opposite side, the bunkbeds were fitted in the space near the door.

Plenty direct and indirect lighting illuminates the space. And since the nuances used for the storage furniture are best seen in good lighting, the large windows help keep the space visually appealing.

It’s not easy working from home with kids, but a well designed bedroom with inviting study spaces can help you organize both your and your kids time. While you work, they can be doing homework especially if you create a space where they feel safe and comfortable.

Beyond that, learning self-discipline from parents is highly important, as is the environment that encourages growing into a happy adult. This helps when kids have a rolemodel and since you have your own home office, kids can emulat this and use their study space to learn self-discipline.

Here are some tips for working from home with kids – it might help you create a schedule to keep your kids entertained while you work.

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