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Modern Zen Home Office in Wood, Marble and Velvet

A zen atmosphere while working comes from the inside. And it also helps to have carefully chosen decor outside of you that reminds you of your own professional and personal journey. 

Once you have a home office room designed so smoothly for your taste, you know you’ve taken the right decisions so far. 

Occupying 20 sqm, this home office room was imagined by Ukrainian designer Alesya Kasianenko for a home in Atlanta.

When a desk and chair take center stage in a room, at least one of these two functional furniture pieces must be impressive. The marble and glass desk is a stunning piece of furniture that speaks through materials and placement. In the middle of the room, this dramatic desk is made of three main pieces, each with its own impact. Resting on a transparent glass leg, a wooden tabletop wraps around a heavy standing marble block acting as a bonsai planter.

This modern combination of materials in warm and cold colors mirror the natural world, where everything has its place and there is a place for everything.

The generous window looks like it frames an everchanging painting of the outside. Soft, almost transparent curtains flood the home office with natural light. Track lights and hidden LED lights illuminate the wooden shelving unit spanning an entire wall, while a globe hanging above the desk creates a cosy ambient.

Marble is enhanced by decorative geode slices displayed on shelves behind the desk, in the library and storage space spanning the entire wall.

On the other side of the room, a velvet green sofa matches the bonsai and invites to relaxation and well-deserved work breaks. And right above it, a round flowered decor piece with lights behind it brings in more natural inspiration, creating an even stronger bond with the overall Zen atmosphere.

In such a still environment, the workday flows easier. Here are a few more rooms specially designed to be a home office space:

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