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How to Design a Luxurious Open Space with Home Office

Ever wondered “How do I make my office sophisticated?”

There are a few things you can do to upgrade your home office even if it’s part of the living room. You can keep things simple, add a little golden details over black and white and top it all off with a black and white marble wall.

Leave everything open and visually represent each area with its most functional elements: A sofa with TV, a kitchen /dining area, a home office/library and a decorative plant corner.

Let’s see how this representation of a luxurious open space with home office actually looks up close.

Imagined to be part of the living room design, this imaginative home office takes up an entire wall in this open space living room we’re exploring today.

Freelance interior designer Monika Siwińska from Warszawa, Poland, imagined this stunning open living space that combines simplicity with high-end details.

Integrate the Home Office in the Overall Design

In order to design a luxurious home office in the living room you have to make it part of the entire design – this example showcases how black, white, grey and gold make an open space come together if combined with style.

Using a minimalist framework, the designer imagined different areas within the same space. The home office side combines both open and closed storage space with plenty of elbow space for the workspace side.

Using a glamorous color palette like black, gold, grey and gold, the designer created a stunning open space living room where you feel at peace while in luxurious surroundings.

Avoiding to make the design too imposing and using a marble wall is possible if done right. Use an unexpected element like this marbled wall defines the kitchen area and makes a deep impact, creating a sophisticated background for someone’s lifestyle.

This minimalist black and white open living space was given life and infused with both personal and professional life. To have such a home with such a magnificent home office included in the design is an idea to take into consideration if you’re in the process of setting up your own WFH workspace.

A white apartment’s décor can be upgraded by introducing other colors. This elegant apartment has an open living space that blends gold details to give it an upscale feel.

Golden lights over the eating area, golden pots for contrasting green plants and a golden teapot suffice to create a subtle elegance – not too much, not too little, just right.

A transparent chair matching the four chairs in the kitchen area makes the home office area almost invisible. And look at that light! From natural to artificial, everything looks inviting in the lights chosen to design the lighting experience.

The marble wall can take attention from the home office because this part was artistically kept all white and almost hides a transparent chair. What do you think about this use of color, texture and transparency?

Wondering how to design a luxurious open space with home office? Sometimes it’s best to draw inspiration from designer’s portfolios. Here are more ideas to guide your steps:

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