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Mirrors Shaping Unexpected Home Office Design

We all know how mirrors can create different worlds around us, but did you ever think how it would be like to live in a house that uses mirrors to play with your mind?

How about working from a home office space where it’s just you and … you in the mirror? Would you like to look up at yourself and just feel how proud you are of all your hard work, smile at yourself in the mirror, then get right back to work?

Unconventionality is reserved for artists and, once you see this home workspace, you can easily understand how interior design is the art of your future moods. Imagine working from home while enjoying a private, artistic environment instead of clutter in documents, colors and textures.

Located in Moscow, this mesmerizing home office room with mirrors was designed by Shkaf Architects for a home that feels like an optical illusion, having a labyrinth of rooms. This workspace is so simple and modern thanks to the minimalist design and the presence of creatively placed mirrors.

When creating the interior of this home, architects had to face several challenges at once: visually expand the space, fit all the necessary functional areas and everything had to be kept minimal and fashionable.

“The customers wanted the space to evoke an emotional response despite all the asceticism. As a result, the idea was born to build a labyrinth in these walls with curved volumes and walls and partitions refracting at different angles. An obvious plus – a lot of formed functional areas – for rest, for storing things, for work”, designers explain.

“Behind every wall you will find a new discovery! From the hallway you can get into the living room, or you can go into the office, from there – into the isolated bedroom or the kitchen, from the bedroom to the bathroom or dressing room. The complex geometry of the rooms makes the space bright and unusual, despite the fact that it is very practical”, they continue.

Since the whole house plays with asymetric volumes, the home office follows the same theme, with the bespoke work desk placed so that natural light from a window can reach it.

Angles in both the walls dressed in mirrors and the bespoke furniture make this home office feel a bit unsettling. Owners surely not only got used to this room quickly, but probably consider their own home office one of the coolest they’ve ever seen.

Complex geometry can give the feeling that you’re experiencing optical illusions, especially in the presence of mirrors. Creating different perspectives of the same object with a mirror’s help is an interesting way to visually expand the room and bring in more light. There is a triangular seat placed where the mirrors meet and this makes it look like there’s a whole set of four seats is available.

Resting on a wooden floor, the anthracite-colored desk reflects in the mirror as if it’s a double workspace. And since it’s not, here are a few ideas on how to share your home office with your partner: 10 Double Workspace Designs: Sharing Your WFH Setup.

Even the walls were painted in anthracite, keeping the ceilings white and avoiding an overpowering feeling of a closed, dark space. Mirrors only expand on the chosen color palette and make everything more interesting, creating a challenge for the mind.

When choosing to work with mirrors, make sure everything is in line so that the proposed effect makes a deep impact. Using mirrors might mean using less decor so that the space does not end up looking cluttered and feeling overwhelming.

In such a seemingly arid space, a small cactus living in a white square reminds us once again that less is more even when it comes to decor and that some plants just fit in with the space they occupy, as is this case.

You’ll love working from home when the environment you create for yourself invites you to focus on thriving. Here are more ideas on how to set up your workspace so that you get the best out of its features:

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