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A Writer’s White Bedroom Dream Workspace

Waking up in a white bedroom can be a dream come true, if the room’s design caters to your needs and wishes.

This bedroom we’re about to explore is special because of its simplicity, use of materials and overall soft feeling it gives. Within a space designed for sleep, a corner office space makes its presence known by displaying a hypnotizing appeal.

That corner workspace desk is the only piece of furniture in the room which breaks the monotony of soft colors. With legs dipped in gold paint and an almost obsesively organized tabletop, this work desk was placed right under the sunlit window sill.

Designed by Rindes Architect, this white contemporary bedroom is peak sophistication when it comes to building an elegant atmosphere with very little.

As a writer, there is nothing this white minimalist bedroom lacks for my own taste. I say that after looking around and laying my eyes on this desk – a simple, organized tabletop with soft-colored wooden drawers and two cute green corners right under the window. Natural wood helps pull everything together in this stunning bedroom.

Designers tell us that this was a project done from a distance. It was imagined for a young couple who had to measure and photograph the space so that the designer can get to work from their office miles away. So this is a remote interior design project for someone who also works remote from their (now beautifully designed) bedroom.

This particular white interior now looks architectural thanks to the designer’s talent to use textured wood and geometric insertions that construct a sharp yet cosy atmosphere. The grey geometric armchair looks inviting in any moment when owners need a time out or want to meditate, read or just think.

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