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Back-To-School Minimalist Kids Bedroom Study Setup

Back to school can mean back to online school. Now that we have gone through that experience, we’ve become aware of the importance of a designated study space and its influence on our family’s overall well being.

Working from home with kids is easier when the kids rooms have well-designed, orderly study setups that helps them follow a schedule. This means more self-discipline for them and a more peaceful wfh scenario for you and your partner.

Imagined by VAE Design & Architecture inside a home built for a family with three children near Minsk, this two kids bedroom design follows the same design brief as the rest of the house.

Designers take us on a short trip through the design brief: “The design of the house reflects the individuality of the owners, while being practical and comfortable. The two-storey house is represented by a living area of ​​270 square meters with a large living room, kitchen-dining room, as well as a spa area for relaxing with friends, which is connected to the owner’s shower.”

The interior is made in rather calm monochrome colors, decorating with copper kraiola textiles and some other elements of the same shade. A small amount of furniture, objects and decor in the house creates a sense of order and cleanliness, and there are also three active boys in the family, for whom a lot of free, not overloaded space is always required“, designers continue.

Suble superhero theme can be seen in the repetitive patterns on the wallpaper. Different from this Superhero-Themed Double Study Space Design (part of the same designers’ portfolio), this particular minimalist kids room has two beds and only one desk. Although exquisite in its functional minimalism, makes you wonder how a room with two inhabitans only has one study desk.

With such a square footage mirrored in this kids room, the question of only having one desk can keep nagging. Even though there is so much space in this room – so that can’t be the reason – the single desk is nothing to ignore.

Built as an integral part of the furniture built under the window, the desk can be completely visually closed offfrom the outside by simply cloing the blinds. A window seat that prolongues into a modern sitting space ensures there’s enough space to have friends over and play, even if toys are hidden away. Just some boxed games can be seen lining up the superior part of the bespoke furniture design right over the window.

What do you think is the reason behind choosing to only have one desk in a double kids bedroom?

There are plenty of ways to design a kids bedroom with dedicated study space, even if there are only a few details necesarry for a basic setup: bed, desk, chair, storage space. And since there are infinite ways of setting up children’s rooms, here are some more inspiring designs to help you decide:

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