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Cheerful Small Bedroom Boasting Spacious Work Area

Whether you’re working from home and have a really small space available for a work area or need study room in your teen bedroom, this youthful-looking bedroom combines colors and space organization to fit perfectly in either or both scenarios.

Cheerful yellow contrasts light grey and white in a space where only the warmness of the wood grain at your feet can give more depth and character.

Visualized by Thao Uyen, this small bedroom uses the power of white to bounce off natural light in all the right places. A platform bed was custom made to match the desk and closet and also the available space.

Since all the storage under the platform bed and in the closet is quite enough for such a small space and a corner was looking rather dull, designes decided on a bespoke cabinet resting on top of the workdesk.

In fact, the desk is what connects the whole corner and so the color geometry painted on the wall helps balance the otherwise unusual space composition.

From above, we can more easily assess the small space available and futher admire the solutions found. When we come back to eye level, we can see the mouldings around the closet and custom shelving bring everything together.

A huge glass wall brings in plenty of light, as well as bustling city views early in the morning and soothing city lights at night.

Any space can become a dreamy inspiration for your own life if you look around for oportunities of building your habits into it. Choose essential furniture for essential functions. If you need more surface area, multifunctional and folding furniture can save you plenty of more space.

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