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Durable Elea Office Chair Swings You into Work Mode

Pandemic rules have changed the way we live and work.

And since we moved our offices at home, we’ve had time to understand how important each component of a home workspace is.

Whether you enjoy working from a garden office pod, working from your bedroom, from a corner of the living room, have a dedicated home office setup or just move your folding desk around the house, there is a piece of furniture that greatly influences your comfort during home work – the working desk chair.

While it might look easy to move your laptop across different surfaces in order to get your work done, the position you work in greatly influences your health, productivity and exhaustion level.

Designers Tai Matlin and Taiwon Choi of Fellowes created the durable Elea Office Chair that swings with your body movements to endure prolongued comfort.

This durable office chair proves not only ergonomic, but its movements adapt to your body. Its seat swings alongside your body, ensuring maximum comfort for long seating periods.

To me, this chair seems to move like a swing, adapting to your body’s movements. To the designers, the Elea Office Chair features a “patent-pending Omni-Kinetic Suspension Technology™ which inherently moves with your body – allowing for a more active work day. Industrial-grade alloy steel rods and our cast aluminum frame work together to form a unique load-bearing system, which allows free-movement within a strong construction.”

And then there are the features of this designer office chair that promise durability and aesthetic appeal: “A revolutionary designed curved chassis provides the support and comfort needed to carry you through your day for years to come.”

Looking at some of these photos during the pandemic seems unusual to see people smiling without a mask. That must mean we have gotten used to our new way of life. And until we get to go back to an office building, maybe it’s time to upgrade our home office workspace. We deserve to feel comfortable and have sturdy chairs that support our health.

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