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Digital Nomad Work Setup: Expandable Ultrathin Laptop Desk

Using the laptop in bed has been a common thing among people since the technology started taking off. And yet it’s not really comfortable to keep the laptop on your lap, no matter if the actual name of the gadget hints to how to use it. After spending some time with your laptop in your lap, you might start feeling pain in different areas of your body, like your wrists or your neck.

Gadgets that help alleviate these problems make it worth working from your bed, armchair, sofa or anywhere else.

This is where this expandable ultrathin laptop desk name iSwift Pi comes in to make things much easier and also help you stay on the move. Digital nomads are now people who work from anywhere using digital technology and isn’t that a new dream for these generations!

The expandable ultrathin laptop desk iSwift Pi has 6 configurations you can use for the best WFH setup and it can hold up to 44 pounds. An easy to carry, ultr-thin object that makes your work life easier is somthing you have to look closer at, because productivity and time management aren’t enough to reach your goals. Any proven technique or helpful object that can get you from where you are to where you need to be is a good investment.

Compact and portable, the iSwift Pi was designed to be both a lap desk and a laptop stand. Whether you use it folded or unfolded, the ultra-thin laptop desk can make a bigdifferenceboth at home and on the go. It unfolds to two different heights (7.5 inches or 8.6 inches) so that you can use it as you please and wherever you please. Four different angles were designed to give you the bestoption when it comes to using the screen at eye level.

This foldable laptop desk was meant to help you better use your laptop from the bed, table or whatever surface you have available. This is why it unfolds to stand on two stable triangle legs that evenly distributes the weight of your laptop across the surface of the lap desk. This ensures you don’t get those annoying wobbles that distract you from work.

Built-in magnets make this gadget sturdy, reinforcing its stability as you type away at your laptop. Made out of premium PU material that is extremely durable, water-resistant and can easy to clean, the iSwift Pi will be your dear companion whether you work from your bed or ravel the world with it fitted in your backpack.

Designers encourage you to take a closer look at the features: “As iSwift Pi is 0.2-inch in thickness and 40 ounces in weight, you can stow it anywhere you want. Just slide it in your desk organizer or right below your pillow, saying goodbye to those heavy and bulky lap desk and stand.”

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