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Remote Rural Work Studio Built By Architect For Himself

Rural landscapes inspire work at an elevated level. Working from a studio space especially built for yourself by rural locals in Ecuador might be a dream for many, but it’s reality for this architecture student who saw an opportunity in his own wants and needs.

Architecture student David Guambo imagined his perfect place to work from as a stunning blend of old and new perched overlooking the natural landscape of rural Ecuador.

The future arhitect built himself a small studio following a need he observed in his own life: “I became a big fan to listen up the music loud, it allowed me to do my architecture school assignments during the nights, but I did not realize that this bothered my neighbors.”

When you have the skills and also want to test them out in the real world, a little help from local architecture studio Al Borde did the trick.

Named Kusy Kawsay (which translates to “passionate life” from an Andean dialect), the small hut is sound proof, so that the future architect can enjoy working on his projects while listening to loud music without disturbing anybody.

Using a traditional construction method known as Bahareque, builders erected the studio by weaving sticks and mud to build compact walls. Lifted on wooden stilts and overlooking a wonderful landscape, the small studio with a straw roof and wood framing flaunts a floor-to-ceiling A-shaped glass wall to visually invite the outside in.

Inside the small remote work studio, everything was left raw and seems unfinished and yet so inviting to focus on work rather than anything else. A large desk and chair, both made out of raw wood, are the only two functional furniture items in this space and both were placed on the wood plank floor. This underlines the magnificence of simplicity and natural textures.

A lightbulb hangs down over the desk to illuminate working late into the night if this is the owner’s wish. Electrical sockets were added to power up when necesarry.

“They made fun of me because I am constructing with a traditional system and this is because we don’t value what we have, they prefer to do foreign things, thinking that they will save money”, says the owner and future architect.

“But what I believe they don’t know is that you can reinterpret with the things we already have, to do new things, you have to change the mentality of people with this project that I’ve done”, architecture student David Guambo continues.

Wood logs were cut and used to shape bench seating under the construction, so that passers by, locals and even the owner can rest in the shade.

Copyright 2009
Copyright 2009

This small yet sturdy construction is naturally integrated into the landscape, making all the other constructions around seem modern in comparison. And yet this might be the only structure there that actually embodies the philosophy of building in tandem with nature, taking its features into account, as well as using natural materials to build something you really want.

Copyright 2009

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