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Family-Friendly Home Office Flaunting Lego Decor

Family-friendly home offices are not always on the top of our list, because this dynamic might compete with privacy and focused work time. Or would it?

Childhood is part of our life all the time, either by us keeping that youthful curiosity and playfulness or by having children around the house to imprint that playful atmosphere – and even both scenarios can be true at the same time.

This home space imagined by HAO Design was redesigned from a couple dwelling and created to serve a young family once their baby was born.

Here’s another home office space designed by HAO Design showcasing a similar open floorplan and child-inspired workspace, this time for a bachelor:

Workspace Design for Marvel-Inspired Bachelor Pad

Back to this family-friendly home office, named the “Bright House”, designers say that its design “overturns preconceptions about what a family home should be like; it shows that, even when you have children, your living space can still reflect your own personal taste and style.”

A combination between industrial and classic elegance, this apartment was completly reimagined once the couple that has been living here became parents:

“Once couples become parents, they start thinking about how they can add elements to the circulation routes within the home that will contribute to their child’s development. Because the wife would otherwise have to spend a lot of time clearing up after the child, the couple wanted to make sure that the living space would have plenty of storage areas. After extensive discussions, they decided to move away from conventional room layout and rethink the whole structure of the living space.”

Designers tell us more about how they transformed the couple crib into a family-friendly home: “A two-way circulation approach has been adopted, using a sliding door design to facilitate more convenient movement between the vestibule and the platform. What was originally an enclosed kitchen has been relocated to a location adjacent to the balcony, with a large central island that gives the wife plenty of space for cooking, while also enabling her to keep an eye on the children while she is preparing food.”


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