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Tiny 29 Sqm Studio With Integrated Workspace

A small home workspace can become part of a tiny 29 square meter apartment in Lviv when good design is employed.

Visualized by Polygons, this tiny apartment was imagined from the start as having an integrated workspace for working from home. And can we say, that was a very intelligent move.

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Even inside such a small studio, all functions are well-thought out and organized so that the living area, kitchen, work space, bedroom, and bathroom all fit perfectly. Or so it seems.

As we can see, the small space between the sofa and the window was designed to be a home workspace.

Design is meant to imagine a space and its many functions as creatively as possible as far as the imagination and budget can stretch. The color palette was kept to a masculine minimum, with grey and wooden tones and a concrete ceiling showing the power of simplicity.

A hidden jewel is hinted at with a ladder leading up to a lofted storage space – all seasonal items can be kept here, away from indiscreet eyes.

The desk is built in continuation with the kitchen worktop to visually connect the whole space. Plenty of elbow space on the desk, some storage underneath and a cosy rug give one the impression of a larger space. But don’t be fooled, not even by the map painted on the concrete bed wall is enough to stay inside. This is an invitation to explore life beyond these sophisticated walls.

Such an inspiring bedroom design and take into consideration this is a very small space. Have you ever imagined living in just 29 square meter multifunctional space?

A small apartment layout shows us from bird’s view all the functions and how a modern workspace was integrated within the daily life in this tiny apartment.

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