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Small Home Office for Two Under Lofted Bedroom

No matter how small, a home office is vital these days. If there are two of you working from home, the space needs to be larger to fit both’s work tasks.

Can a small home office for two under a lofted bedroom be enough?

This space proves that a home office for two can fit in a loft apartment. Visualized by Tung Nguyen, this bright space takes advantage of the tall ceiling to create dedicated spaces throughout the small available space.

When sharing your workspace with your partner from a small space, you need to be carefull how the space is arranged to make sure there is enough room for everything you need. Working from home puts a strain on those who now not only have to live in their home space, but also find a way to integrate their office space in their home.

Under a lofted bedroom, a long and narrow home office for two also serves as a dining table. This multifunctional space offers owners many opportunities to stay active.

A long and narrow illuminated wall mounted desk morphs into a shelf that creates a much needed visual depth of the space. Rounded corners and lines, the round clocks on the wall, the area rug, rounded mirrors on the opposing wall, all play with geometry to add a playful feel to the rather minimalist space. Track lights both downstairs and upstairs keep the space brightly lit when curtains are drawn at night.

Wood plays a major part in warming up the space, both physically and visually. We’ve also explored some mezzanine home office designs, if you feel the need to create a workspace up high.

If you’re looking for a way you can insert a home office built for two into your own home, these ideas might help:

Home office for two nestled in studio apartment

Functional minimalist bedroom home office for two

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