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Pet-Friendly Sidetable For Home Working, Living and Sleeping

For most people, working from home is not actually just you working alone from your apartment. Working from home might include sharing you home office with your partner or having kids around and even more.

Working from home with kids is one thing, working from home with pets is another. That’s why we’re focusing on our fur babies today, because there’s such an opportunity to think how design helps create multifunctional items that only our creativity can stop from being used in a gazillion ways.

Fitin Moca is an interesting name for this multifunctional modern side table from UFOU – it’s rounded shape makes it fit anywhere and you won’t have to worry about corners. Rounded and hollow on the inside, with a shelf close to the usable surface on top, the elegant and multipurpose furniture item is made out of Russian birch laminates and has a fire-resistant surface.

This elegant sidetable in walnut (also available in oak) perfectly matches the Intelligent Sit-to-Stand Desk Reminds You To Stretch. And when you sit up, you pet might meet your energy and you two play or go for a walk as a break from work. We never regret quality time spend with our loved ones, humans or otherwise.

Irresistable soft felt lining inside this hollow sidetable will have your pet al nice and cosy and you might hear purrs of happiness at your feet. Topped with a pearl white surface, the modern cabinet is also easy to match with your home. Simplicity tends to do this miraculous thing – well-designed furniture pieces can be introduced in a new space with ease and end up either perfetly fitting in or attracting the focus thanks to its simple beauty.

Besides being loved by cats, this elegant sidetable is versatile enough to be placed wherever you need it and use it even if you don’t have pets. Place it by the sofa in the living room and you have an elegant table to place your coffee cup on or stick it under the work desk for an extension of your storage space and an additional visual focus – you just can’t ignore its minimalist aesthetic.

Keep your most important items in reach and only you know what your most important are. Designers try to envelop the multitude of things you can use this modern rounded sidetable: “From Toy Display to Bath Time. From Afternoon Drinking to Temporary Working… Any Time Anywhere.”

And did you notice that handle that comes out of one side? You can actually open and close the cabinet with this leather handle. Also, it’s easy to move this beautiful sidetable from one place to another – just grab it by the handle and roll it out on the wheels. Wait – you don’t see the wheels? Probably because they’re hidden, casters are integrated in order to avoid interferring with the furniture’s elegant shape.

The wood’s texture is simple enough to create a soothing elegance that decorates any space it lands in.

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