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Affordable WFH Cabin Or Private Weekend Retreat

WFH cabins have become all the rage lately. Private workstations that you can place in the garden or on a remote property give us the possibility of working and even living according to this “tiny house movement” we keep hearing about.

Ever wondered what would it take for you to live and work from a private wooden cabin?

zsuzsa darab

Closely resembling a tiny house flaunting scandinavian style, the Kabinka by Hungarian company Hello Wood comes in a flatpack design that encourages you to build your own cabin that can be either your private workstation or weekend retreat or both.

Imagined as a compact, versatile space that you can use to support your sustainable living, simple and compact lifestyle, this cabin design fills in every inch of space available with the minimum you need to live a qualitative lifestyle.

The affordable cabin workstation is available in 4 sizes (between 12-20 sqm), and can easily fit a kitchenette, desk, sofa and stove. Imagine living and working from this modern minimalist cabin and being fully comfortable within a small space.

“Creating a quality space was the focus during the design process. Spatial quality isn’t necessarily characterized by big size, rather deliberate complexity. Each and every millimeter counts but we believe that for those who share this level of consciousness it is not a challenge but joy to spend their time in a minimalist home. The cabin can be equipped to be a functioning home through spring until fall”, designers explain.

The tiny wooden cabin is fully customizable, both inside and out. Prefabricated so that anyone can put it together, the cabins start at $10,200 and looks simple and modern, perfect for living and working remote. Since you’re the one doing the assembling, the price tag is not that high.

Assembly takes between 1 and 3 days, creating the opportunity to build your own DIY cabin from prefabricated parts. All you need to put the cabin together is some help from friends, basic tools and enthuziasm. And if you don’t enjoy do-it-yourself projects, the company who designed Kabinka can help you out with that for a fee, just contact them for more information.

Hello Wood were the designers who also imagined this Geodesic Workstation Cabin for Remarkable Gardens.

The Kabinka private workstation and weekend retreat might look small, but its tall ceilings visually make up for this tiny status. Sleeping here can also become your favorite when you get used to walking up the ladder inside to reach the suspended bed. And the next morning, working on your professional goals can start as soon as your morning routine is over. Just imagine doing all this from a secluded place – maybe in the woods or by the lake – and living a life screened from the busyness of city life.

zsuzsa darab
zsuzsa darab

There are more alternatives to working from home here: 5 home office pods for distraction-free work – so that you can choose the most suitable choice for your needs and wants.

zsuzsa darab

We love remote work as much as we lofe home office design – both have their own appeal and they can intertwine to create the WFH solution you need. Here are a few more ideas that encourage your desire to work remote:

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