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Home Office: How to Hide your Work Desk in the Home

Small homes and larger homes – both can benefit from hiding the home office away when you need that homey feeling intact, not split between home and work.

There are a few good ways to hide your home office in each room of the house. Our places to live became out places to work and we sometimes might want the professional part not visually invading our home.

So we try to hide the home office in our modern house. And, as always, we must keep our surroundings stylish and inspiring, if we are to spend even more time working in the home – interior design has deep impact on our lives.

How to hide your Home Office in the Living Room

  1. Build the home office inside the custom furniture

A modern living room already hints to the possibility of stylishly hiding the home office somewhere around. When using custom furniture to create your home environment, think about hiding the workspace from the very start. This home below was designed for a programmer and a yoga teacher.

Integrating a hidden home office in a custom media display wall can exceed your expectations. The example below showcases how two doors in the furniture can unveil a bright blue, small home office setup lined with LED lights for a stunning WFH experience – now this is how to incorporate a desk in the living room!

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Designed by VAE Architects

2. Use a Murphy Desk to hide your home office in the living space

Another way to hide your desk in the living room is to have an even bigger folding desk like a Murphy desk that can also serve as a dining or coffee table. A larger space doesn’t necessarily mean you have to fill it up with furniture – like the example below shows us.

It would look even better if the furniture is functional and hidden, so that the overall appeal of the space can be enhance through interior design. Throw in some bold color + contrasting elements and you have yourself a hidden home office/table with the addition of a simple folding chair.

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polina poludkina
polina poludkina Designed by Room Design Buro

How to hide your Home Office in the Bedroom

3. Build an invisible home office in the bedroom library wall

If that bright yellow chair wouldn’t have been there, it would have been hard to see how a library wall ledge is used as a home office. A small home doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dreams: like having a home library or an invisible home office setup.

Great design can make these dreams come true using ingenuity layered on top of the available space. We need more quality design, even in limited spaces.

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Visualized by Nikita Borisenko

4. Build a slim unit that also hides the home office setup

Even a small minimalist bedroom can have a cleverly hidden home office that doesn’t take up much space. Expanding on the idea of “out of sight, out of mind“, a workspace hidden in the bedroom can be the only solution you have when it comes to space in your own home.

The problem can easily turn into a creative solution that puts your mind to rest and also looks good, like the example below.

A folding desk can help you hide the home office in the bedroom. A simple wooden console contrasting the white-painted brick wall behind it can have a foldable desk that easily switches your mood back and forth – from professional to personal.

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Designed by CRAFTR

How to hide your Home Office in a Nook

5. Use the nooks and crannies of your home to set up home office

Whether you have a corner in the lobby or a nook in between two rooms, a small home office setup can be hidden by sliding doors. No one will ever know that you have a secret workspace unless you let them see it.

When hidden, the workspace below looks like an inconspicuous closet and yet it hides a minimalist professional home base when all you need is your laptop and notebook – keep yourself connected to the technology, as well as your own brain by handwriting.

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Designed by VAE Architects

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