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10 Feminine Bedroom Workspaces With Modern Appeal

These feminine bedroom workspaces have a modern appeal that can make you think it’s an amazing idea to set up your WTF area in the same place you sleep. And they are, if you choose to integrate the desk and chair in the overall bedroom design. Let’s explore 10 ways in which a feminine bedroom can become a multispace you also work from.

Blue Velvet, Wood and Pink Bedroom Workspace

Designed by Studio Dvordes, all 120 square metre of this home showcase modern elegance constructed from materials like copper and wood and textures like velvet and wood (again). This bedroom in pink and blue is so modern in its space solution aproach and so feminine in colors and textures, that it seems to be able to easily infiltrate the work someone would do from that corner workspace. Also, light is so important not only for seeing, but also for creating different moods.

Vertical Visual Interest for this Bedroom Workspace

Wood slat walls can define the home office space and if you add two furniture pieces on each side, like visualizers at VizLine Studio did, you can end up with a functional and beautiful space to use as you please. Feminine and elegant, tall and poised, the wood slatted part of this modern bedroom can easily be transformed into a vanity by adding a mirror or a home office by adding a laptop.

More inspiration: 7 Wood Slat Walls Defining Home Office Spaces

Glass Walls Make the Bedroom Workspace Feel Bigger

Using glass walls to expand on the available space can look elegant and contemporary like in this example below, imagined by Quadro Room. Nestled in between the bed and the glass wall, a small black desk contrasts a white chair, yet both rest on thin metal legs. The elegance of forms and geometry used for this white bedroom was splashed with colorful bed sheets that hint to a feminine touch seen in satin details.

More inspiration: 7 Glass Home Offices to Inspire Your Own

Defining the Bedroom Work Area With Bold Color

Color can make or break the design of a space. Even if you want to hide the workspace in a corner of the bedroom, maybe you should also consider going the opposite way – accentuating the workspace with bold color. In this modern white bedroom imagined by designers at Office4, the stylish working area was integrated into the bespoke furniture. A combination of pink terrazzo and herringbone wood planking give off a feminine, elegant vibe and allows the herringbone patterns to rise up behind the desk and create an alluring visual focus point lined by bold yellow.

Rought Pink Paint Background for Bedroom Workspace

Pink is such a feminine color, that just one wall half painted in rough pink can make you sense femininity all around. Since we’ve been taught that pink is for girls, some grow up to keep this color as a favorite. This bedroom workspace visualized by Nam Quang Đặng marries the warmth of wood with a carefree paintwork and turquoise pops of color.

More inspiration: 10 pink bedroom workspaces showcasing grace.

Dedicated Workspace Corner in Spacious Bedorom

This next bedroom is large enough to throw a party in. Spacious and airy, with floor-to-ceiling windows that open to the greenery outside, this bedroom features a minimalist work corner framed in warm wooden textures that contrast the white walls and furniture.

Soft Colors Shaping Elegant Bedroom Workspace

Elegance and femininity go hand in hand and this bedroom visualized by Polina Yatmanova beautifully merges traditional details with modern colors and textures. So well integrated that it’s almost hidden in the corner, an elegant white desk is ready for either the laptop or a more suited pen and paper. Overlooking the whole scene, a suspended Heracleum Small Big O Suspension Light brings even more elegance and some delicate details hanging over the traditionally inspired bed with a winged and tufted headboard.

Nature Inspiration in Sleeping Area

Our next feminine bedroom with a workspace takes a cue from nature and brings inside colors and textures found outside. On a green background, framed leaves and a mirror make it a very inviting, feminine space, as seen by visualizer Quân Xiền. The mint green desk can be easily transformed from vanity to temporary workspace just by bringing in your laptop.

More inspiration: 10 Multifunctional Bedrooms – Vanity to Workspace

Neoclassical Bedroom with Elegant Workspace

This next bedroom workspace imagined by Architects Studia 54 displays a highly sophisticated design that matches the rest of the house and offers owners a small place to do some work from home.

Workspace or Study Area?

Our last example of a feminine bedroom blends soft pink and greyish blue in a teen bedroom that shows that only the details like make a difference between an adult feminine bedroom and a teen one. Only a large wooden wardrobe grounds the pastel color scheme while black metal punctuates it here and there, as imagined by designer Guan Pin.

After we talked about feminine bedroom and workspace design, do you want to go deeper into matching a feminine bedroom with a girls bedroom and study room?

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