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WFH Desk Ideas, Design, Portability 101: Digital Nomad Era

WFH Desk – Work From Home Desk – who would have thought many of us would be searching for inspiring ways to fit in an office desk into our home? More and more people try to figure out how to share your home office with a partner since many people work from home.

Some conversations about the delimitation between private and professional life were replaced by searching for tips and tricks on how to find the best home office desk setup – putting practicality and ergonomics first.

Home office desk design has come a long way. You can find anything and if you can’t find your dream desk, you can always have your WFH desk custom made. The process of choosing the best desk setup for your home office depends on many things like the available space, budget, creativity and much more.

We’ve already explored home office setups in small spaces like a balcony or the bedroom and always come back to that simple thing: design matters. There are many ways of solving the home office setup puzzle and it all starts with three work-from-home basics:

Here is what we’ll be exploring in this WFH desk guide:

  • Foldable desks – temporary and easy to take along,
  • Buying a ready made desk or a custom made desk,
  • Choosing between the myriad of options out there,
  • Finding your perfect WFH desk match.

What a home office always needs is a surface to sit on and a surface to place your gear on. You can always work from the floor, but that’s not what we usually consider a home office (although it works just fine in a casual temporary setting).

Foldable Desks: Temporay Home Office Solution.

Also Digital Nomad Bliss

Foldable desks are good as starters and can be moved from room to room or even taken along when experimenting with different home office lifestyles by becoming a digital nomad.

Depending on the size you have available for a home office setup, there are different solutions – from a foldable desk that morphs into a magazine rack to a huge rollable, foldable table that you stand at – and everything in between.

Foldable desk morphs into magazine rack
Temporary Foldable and Rollable TEMP Desk by Gerhardt Kellermann

Assesing your available space and your particular needs is key to buying the best home office desk. Maybe you need a dedicated home office room or maybe all you need is a compact tripod sit and stand desk for work on the go. Look around as inspiration before choosing between the myriad options out there – but once you chose, stick with it and see it materialize in your home.

Buying a ready-made desk or a custom made desk

We’ve talked before about the difference between a bespoke desk design and a designed workspace and we are going to explore ideas from classic, simple and modern desks to custom-made suspended staircase based on employing the samba stairs principle â€“ a way to build stairs that are steep and yet still comfortable to use. Here are a few ways of thining down options to find your perfect home office desk match:

  • Classic home office desk and modern minimalist alternatives
  • L-shaped desk / Corner desk
  • Floating desks sprinkled around the house
  • Multifunctional and convertible WFH desk design
  • Hybrid desks for home office and more
  • Custom-made WFH desk design

What kind of a home desk would you buy? A practical classic desk with storage, a modern desk design, a digital sit-to-stand desk? Let’s explore some of the options out there.

Classic home office desk and modern minimalist alternatives

From a classic writing desk used by your grandparents to artistic expressions of classicism in desk art, the market has what you don’t even know you want yet. It’s only after you discover these desk designs that your mind comes back to your favorite one over and over again.

Sculptural Desk Design Inspired by Grand Pianos

From design names that scream “attention to details and quality” – like Herman Miller’s Airia Desk – to organization-focused desk design like the Shelter Desk by Joao Teixeira or Bauhaus-inspired design like the BAU Desk by Pavel Vetrov Studio – all good design reduces everything else it did not aim for at a minimum.

Even the industrial design style has its representitives within the desk design reality – the magnetic Lennart Desk is simple and so easy to match within an industrial loft design.

Ultimate work sophistication: Herman Miller Airia Desk
Shelter Desk organizes your top home office items
Bauhaus Era Inspired: Geometric BAU Desk

L-shaped desk design for working from home

L-shaped home office desks can be placed in any corner and they don’t even have to be in a corner to look good and delineate the space. Good for more elbow room and even sharing your home office with a partner, corner desks are as inviting to creativity as any other simple shape – let’s visually explore some amazing home office designs – tell us your favorite in the comments below.

Floating WFH desk design: stunning integration power

Floating desks are a minimalist way of adding a small convertible home office to praactically any part of your home. We’ve seen multifunctional Bedrooms transforming the vanity into a workspace, or floating work desks sprinkled around modern bedrooms. We absolutely love these simple and effective ways of adding more multifunctional room in your home.

Multifunctional and convertible WFH Desk design

A dinner table that transforms in after dinner work like the Celerina Table might get your creative juices going – how else can you work from the kitchen table without working AT the kitchen table?

Convertible Solid Oak Dining/Work Celerina Table

Or maybe you want to display a cute minimalist black compact workspace like the Elmer Desk and noone knows you work from that little piece of furniture. You might as well be the kind of person who likes to keep their work in their face – and then a WFH desk setup like the interaction-worthy modular workspace named Worknest might be what you prefer.

Hybrid desks for home office and more

Whether you want to lounge on a hi-tech work station like the Altwork or you’re on the opposite spectrum and actually work out in between working hours and would be more happy with a home office station, you get to decide how you work from home. If one day you decide to switch things up and go from working on a sit-to-stand desk and get a home gym workspace, it’s your progress.

Custom made WFH desk design

Wether your custom home office desk is incorporated into the overall design of your space by suspending a staircase with an embedded desk while using the samba stairs principle or you get a custom Star Wars command center – your imagination is the only thing that can limit the possibilities.

Suspended Staircase Integrates Clean Home Office
Custom Office: Star Wars Desk and Chair Set

And when you allow a creative interior designer to know you enough to transpose your needs and desires in a stunning home office, you might get something like a WFH desk integrated under the stairs or

Custom-made home offices come in all shapes and sizes. We’re curious about your creativity – how did you set up your WFH desk? Tell us in the comments below.

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